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Darth Vader, Spiderman and Sailor Moon Walk Into a Library: Adapting Cosplay for the Public Library Setting
Main contributors
Linville, Elizabeth; Marple, Jessica; Ridley, Pamela; Wells, Robin
This presentation will provide an introduction to and brief theoretical exploration of the concept of cosplaying. Following this, we will discuss the ways in which cosplay can be meaningfully incorporated into public library programming, including examples of libraries that have previously launched successful initiatives. Cosplay is more than merely dressing up as a favourite character; it is a unique way for fans to interact with and explore texts by embodying and/or adapting a character. Generative cosplay remains as faithful to the original character as possible and requires a detailed understanding of the chosen universe. Textual transformation, on the other hand, adapts the character to another universe while still retaining enough clues to be recognizable. Whether following the rules or subverting them however, a close understanding of the texts involved is necessary. We argue that there is definite scope for libraries and cosplay to intersect. Libraries are uniquely placed to make participation in cosplay accessible to their patrons and use this engagement to facilitate community building, as well as learning in STEM and digital literacy skills.
Public libraries; Cosplay; Libraries -- cultural programs
License / Terms of Use
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)
Forum for Information Professionals (FIP)
School of Library and Information Studies