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Symposium on the Impact of Multiculturalism on Public Education
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Bilash, Olenka
On the marking of 50 years since the announcement of the policy of Multiculturalism in Canada, scholars from diverse fields of education came together to present and discuss how Multiculturalism has impacted public education across Canada.
Saddleback, Dale; Tupper, Jennifer; Donald, Dwayne; Gérin-Lajoie, Diane; Fujiwara, Aya; Guo, Shibao; Guo, Yan; Wiltse, Lynne; Laframboise, Shelby; van Kessel, Cathryn; Broom, Catherine; Lund, Darren; Shternshis, Anna; Abdul Jabbar, Wisam; Brady, Janelle; Mani, Priya; den Heyer, Kent; Petryshyn, Roman; Sefa Dei, George J.; Prokopchuk, Nadia; Holmes, Kelly; Fleming, Douglas; Pellerin, Martine; Aberdeen, Trudie; Blair, Heather; Oniță, Adriana; Sacucci, Brent; Russell, Debra; Snoddon, Kristin; Gooden, Ebony R.; Rockwell, Geoffrey; Deer, Frank
Multiculturalism; Education
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Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)
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Symposium on the Impact of Multiculturalism on Public Education


Day 1 -- Welcome -- Invocation -- Opening -- mâmawiw wihcayâmitowin: Together on this land -- Multicultural Education in French Minority Language Schools in Canada -- Visible Minorities and Higher Education -- Revisiting Multicultural Education in the Age of Transnational Migration: Perspectives of Immigrant Parents -- “Mirrors, windows and doors”: Exploring the Shifting Roles of Multicultural Literature -- Indigenous Literature in the Treaty 6 Classroom and Beyond Our Home Territories -- Individual, National, and (Multi?)Cultural Identities in Alberta’s Secondary Social Studies Curriculum -- A Case Study of BC’s Curricula Illustrating How Attention to Multiculturalism Has Changed Over Time -- Exploring the Challenges and Promise of Multiculturalism in Canada in Turbulent Times -- Between Israel, Russia, Ukraine and Canada: Many Homes of Russian-speaking Jewish Diaspora -- Muslim Immigrant/Refugee Students and the Inter-Intracultural Ethics: A Survival Guide in Diaspora -- Reflection Day 1

Day 2 -- Welcome -- Experience of Professional Counsellors: Developing Multicultural Knowledge, Awareness, and Skills -- Hegel’s Helping Hand: Multiculturalism and the National Geographic Gaze in Education -- How Settler Ethnocultural Communities Can Reconcile with Indigenous Peoples: Some Goals Metis and Ukrainian Canadians Hold in Common to Protect and Enhance Their Community Identities -- Multiculturalism and Public Education: The View from Anti-Racism -- Othermothering, Community-parenting and Change: Black Mothering Approaches to Racial Injustice in Education -- ESL: Moving Beyond Multicultural Education to Culturally Responsive Pedagogy -- Constructing the Individualistic citizen: The Canadian Language Benchmarks, Neoliberalism, Citizenship, and Language Learning -- Inclusion and Diversity – Is French Immersion up to Date and Ready for a New Era? -- Official Multiculturalism Without Official Multilingualism: The Relationship Between Status and Funding -- Policy Matters: The Case of Indigenous Languages in Canada --
From Multicultiphobia to Linguaphobia: Canada’s Un/written Rules for Cultural and Linguistic Conformity -- Between Culture, Faith, and ... Queerness? The Collision of sexuality and culture in Canadian multicultural contexts -- Challenges and Calls to Action: A Multicultural Lens applied to the Deaf community -- Reflection on Day 2 (Rockwell) -- Reflection on Day 2 (Deer)

Venue/Event Date

Online, March 22 and 23, 2021