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Best Practises in Multilingual Collections
Main contributor
Fisher, Arija
Language and culture are deeply intertwined concepts, and to engage in one is to engage in the other. Multilingual collections are one way to engage both concepts, particularly in integrated multilingual collections that fully serve the diverse communities. This is in accordance with library values of equity of access, diversity, service, social responsibility, intellectual freedom, and the public good. However, exemplary, fully integrated multilingual collections are difficult to achieve in practice, and what libraries have achieved such integration have not been researched to validate these claims. This presentation will look at a case study where Canadian libraries have achieved effective multilingual collections, the Toronto Public Library, and use this to evaluate the University of Alberta’s collection. The intent of this presentation is to determine best practises for multilingual or world language collections, and answer the question of what libraries can do in order to improve access to multilingual content in their systems.
Best Practices; Academic libraries; Collections Development; Multiculturalism; Multilingual Collections
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Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Forum for Information Professionals (FIP)
School of Library and Information Studies
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