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iDoc Highlight Video: Sheena Wilson on Energy as the Centre of Social Life
2018-08-23 (Creation date: 2017-11-27)
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Wilson, Sheena
Sheena Wilson, Just Powers Principal Investigator, English and Cultural Studies professor at the University of Alberta's Campus Saint-Jean, and Co-founder of the Petrocultures Research Group, on energy as the centre of social life. 
Wilson, Sheena; Mookerjea, Sourayan; Luka, M.E.; Stubblefield, Charles; Jorgensen-Skakum, Danika; Mazur, Holly; Belland, Myles; Riden, Yalitsa; Beça, Andrea; Taylor, Sarah
Just Powers
art; automobility; capitalism; colonialism; human rights; rights; Future Energy Systems; Indigenous knowledge; intergenerational knowledge; knowledge; oil and gas; Petrocultures; patriarchy; petrofeminism; imaginary; social justice; technology; SSHRC; documentaries; engineering; nuclear energy; networks; mainstream media; feminist futures; labour; economics; market; activism; decolonization; feminist and decolonial energy transition; IPCC; research-creation; policy; collaborative research; women; electric vehicles; Deep Energy Literacy; labour; Ethical Oil; fossil fuels; Indigenous lands; death anxiety; rail systems; infrastructure; community gardens; commons; collective living; utilities; investment; energy transition; decision-making; futures; Global North; academia; policy; changing attitudes; City of Edmonton; Alberta; equity; Action a Day; engineering; feminized knowledge; care; holism; systems; cultural shifts; land rights; Indigenous lands; politics; anxiety; treaty rights; gender relations; nuclear family; male-dominated; NGOs; low carbon economy; labour unions
Documentary; Interview
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CC0 1.0 Universal
World; North and Central America; Canada; Alberta; Edmonton
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pro: M.E. Luka; pro: Sheena Wilson; pro: Sourayan Mookerjea; drt: M.E. Luka drt: Sheena Wilson;ctb: Charles Stubblefield;ctb: Danika Jorgensen-Skakum;vdg: Holly Mazur;rcd: Myles Belland;edt: Yalitsa Riden; edt: M.E. Luka;edt: Andrea Beça;edt: Sarah Taylor;ivr: M.E. Luka;ive: Sheena Wilson;fnd: Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF) - Future Energy Systems (FES);fnd: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC);fnd: Kule Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS)