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Programa Nosotros [raw footage], 4 de mayo de 2008, May Day Concert
2008-05-04 (Creation date: 2008-05-04)
A concert celebration of May Day, which honours the international rights of workers. This video features a series of music and dance performances. In between the music and dances, different labour movements are discussed, providing historic examples of when worker's rights were exploited for the purpose of resource extraction. The concert ends with a performance of the Santa María de Iquique cantata, which recounts the massacre of striking Chilean mine workers in 1907.
Mario; de Jiménez, Donna Cameron; Acuña, Ricardo; May Day; music concert; dance; labour relations; Parkland Institute; concierto musical; relaciones laborales; hip hop protesta; Sociedad Primavera; Notre Dame des Bananes Choir; People's Poets; Cindy and Vince; Balet Folklórico México of Edmonton; chilenos en Canadá; danza tradicional, Chile; Chileno de Corazón, revista; Grupo Víctor Jara
Variety; Community
License / Terms of Use
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Latin America; Chile; Edmonton
Nosotros Television Programme
University of Alberta Library
Other Identifier
Other: 03-10-95-I