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Programa Nosotros. "Days of October". Journey of General A. Stark
1990-05-13 (Creation date: 1990-10-12)
Main contributor
Contreras, Sergio
At the beginning of the program the hosts wish all the mothers watching a great mother's day and speak to the importance of the mother in the family. This leads into a musical interpretation of “Ramona” by the musical group Tanta Popular Gana. After this presentation Doctor Manual Rozental explains the concept of individual and societal health from an indigenous perspective as he describes the Rueda Medicinal. The second half of the program shows the documentary Días de Octubre [Days of October] which is a documentary that sheds light on the pain suffered by the families of executed political prisoners in Chile. Those responsible for the executions buried the bodies in the desert and did not disclose the exact locations to the families.
Calderon, Ariel
Mother’s day; Ramona; Doctor; medical wheel; indigenous medicine; Chile; dictatorship; El día de la madre; Ruda medicinal; medicina indígena; dictadura
Variety; Community; Performance
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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Edmonton; Alberta
Nosotros Television Programme
University of Alberta Library
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Catalog Key: programa-nosotros-32