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Programa Nosotros. Music & Dances from Mexico
1990-05-27 (Creation date: 1990-05-26)
Main contributor
Contreras, Sergio
The episode begins with an interview by Mario Allende with the honourable Bernardo Vargas, the general secretary of the Exiled Chilean community, a member of the socialist party in Chile as well as an advocate for worker's rights. His interview discusses the politics of Chile, especially the leadership of Pinochet who transferred power in March 1990 to a democratic leader. The new leader in Chile, left him with many thoughts on military and government relations, military coups, democracy, and workers laws and their place in the government, such as minimum wage. He also speaks of his position as an exile of Chile and the lifestyle him and his wife have adapted to. After, there is a presentation of the first "festival folklorico de Victor Jara" with "Grupo Andino" and "Grupo Bagual" dancing to traditional chilean and argentinian music.
Calderon, Ariel
Pinochet; Chile; trabajadores chileanos; derechos humanos; salario minimo; golpe militar; socialismo; baile folkloríco; chiliean workers; humans rights; minimum wage; military coup; socialism; folk dance
Variety; Community; Performance; Interview
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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Edmonton; Alberta
Nosotros Television Programme
University of Alberta Library
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Catalog Key: programa-nosotros-33