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Programa Nosotros, diciembre de 1992, Especial de Navidad
1992-12-01 (Creation date: 1992)
Main contributor
Allende, Mario
A Christmas special from 1992. There is a montage highlighting the most memorable moments in sports. The Christmas concert at the Gabriela Mistral Latin American School is presented. German Vidal, the principal of Gabriela Mistral school, speaks about how the school is working to preserve the traditions of Latin America and creating ties between the various groups that make up the Latin American community, including its campaign to provide pencils and notebooks for children living in poverty in El Salvador. Teachers and students from the school are also interviewed. A group of women from Primavera, a Latin American group for the elderly, share their favourite Christmas treats: pan de pascua and cola de mono. The music of Palito Ortega and Inti Illimani are also featured.
Guzmán, Antonio
Christmas; New Year's Eve; Primavera; recipes--Chile; Casas, Germán; Vidal, German; Música folklórica latinoamericana, concierto; Grupo Estrella Roja, concierto
Variety; Community
License / Terms of Use
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
El Salvador
Nosotros Television Programme
University of Alberta Library
Other Identifier
Other: 960889