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Programa Nosotros. Xmas special 91 #5
1991-12-22 (Creation date: 1991-12-22)
Main contributor
Contreras, Sergio
Mario Allende (newscaster) first introduces the christmas episode and talks about the nativity story and what its significance. Antonio Guzman (another newscaster) talks about how latin america doesn’t have a political system like Europe or the Soviet union. (*not sure what that has to do with this episode) Then they go on talking about a christmas campaign that was organized in the latin community to give toys to children in Chile. The name of the group that organized is called ‘Chile mi pais’ and here in Edmonton they organized a christmas event with children performances to help support this campaign and there were some interviews. Interview with Domingo Chavez, says the party was a success, everyone supported the campaign and they raised around $500 and had 800 toys to send and they wanted to reach 1000 toys in the next two days before they sent it off. He said that the Republic of Chile would be in charge of the transportation.Interview with Juan Caroca, says the campaign ‘un juguete para chile’ (one toy for Chile) will make the children happy and give them happy memories in these difficult times. Quotes a poet, Gabriela Apostrol “no puedan esperar” which means that they can’t wait which is referencing the children. Also says if they come together they can do many good things.Interview with Hugo Delgado, says the democracy in Chile is changing and starting to unite and people are participating in democracy, but there are still political problems. This year there helping Chile during christmas, but he says they want to help a different latin/south american country every year. Interview with Mirna Silva, says she’s happy to make the children happy. She hopes next christmas they will be able to help another country. She says that many different companies have participated to make this campaign a success. Phone Interview with Patricia del Rossi, says the toys are going to the children of the political prisoners. The names of the helping companies: casa de Chile, agricultura, and mundo migrante. Sent $2000 to a lady names Señora Cristina on dec. 13 and that they sent $500 back. For the next 10 - 15 minutes a pastor/priest gives a speech about christmas and the nativity story and its importance. A sermon. Mario Allende then introduces the next topic saying even though we live far from our country we still have to know what’s going on and that they as the tv show do there best to inform their viewers. Next segment begins with a video of war, children and people suffering. El Salvador has been in a civil war for over 10 years, 80 million are dead or missing, people have to go from town to town to find protection. Interview with Elias Moreno who has moved to Edmonton from El Salvador during this time. His wife and brothers were assassinated and then he moved to Honduras for 3 years and through the church he was able to come to Canada in 1991. Tells what happened: His brother was in a community and 5 of them came out from an activity and soldiers killed him. In another community soldiers went and killed women, children and two more of his brothers. His sister was pregnant and she was found dead on the highway. He met his wife in the workplace & told about the beginning of their life & that it was difficult because of war and the soldiers burned down their house 4 times. Interview with Ernesto Moreno (Elias’s son), telling a story of when soldiers came and had to move women to mountains and one resisted so they took her by force and then she was found dead the next day.(Back to Elias) He says that the soldiers were taking women to use them for their own satisfaction and his wife resisted and they killed her, which is what the other women told him. He couldn’t get his dead wife’s body right away or else the soldiers would kill him. He got together with some other men and they went and found her on the highway and they had to bury her right there on the spot quickly before soldiers found them. He found it very difficult losing his wife and brothers and found a way to get to Honduras. First he left there and later brought his children over. He says here in Canada his children have a better, peaceful life. They didn’t have good food back home and or schooling because soldiers would burn down the schools. Life here in general is better. They are in the first stage of learning English and children are still learning Spanish as well. The boys each have their responsibility at home for the household chores. Here every child is fortunate enough while in some latin american countries they live in war and poverty during christmas time. Elias says that here he wants to make sure his kids see what’s going on back home and not to lose sight of that. Ernesto says that he is happy to be in Canada with toys, bread, food, but feels bad for children in El Salvador who have nothing. Last little bit shows a christmas concert.
Azocar, Lito
Chile mi pais; un jueguete para chile; chilean christmas campaign "one toy for chile"; El salvador civil war; Guerra civil en el salvador; interview with a salvadorean family in edmonton; entrevista con una familia salvadoreño en edmonton; communidad salvadoreño; salvadorean community
Variety; Community; Performance; Interview
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Edmonton; Alberta
Nosotros Television Programme
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