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Uncovering Dissident Voices: Radical Librarianship in Canada
Main contributor
Huang, Carolin
This presentation is about the process and challenges of putting together a collection of resources on radical librarianship in Canada. Literature on radical librarianship has largely focused on the US and the UK, even though many progressive strides have been made in the library and information field in Canada. The presentation will overview the history of radical librarianship in Canada, situating it in a global context, and highlight some of the gaps in literature. It will also go over the process of building the collection and the challenges that emerged in seeking out and selecting resources. In the collection, the resources range from more theoretical analyses to personal reflections on on-the-ground organizing, allowing for different levels of inquiry into an underrepresented history. Topics that the collection touches on include activism in and beyond the information field, neoliberal shifts in the field, archives of marginalized histories, social exclusion perpetuated by the profession, and the struggle for diversity (in hiring and collections). With the challenges of today’s information setting, as threats to the existence of librarians and librarianship are becoming more prominent, it is important to seek out and listen to critical voices in the field.
radical librarianship; resource sharing; social justice
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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)
Forum for Information Professionals (FIP)
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