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Programa Nosotros [raw footage], 2003, Salvador Allende Cup 2003
Tio Lito Azocar reports from the opening of a sports tournament organized by the Chilean community in Edmonton and Calgary in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Chilean coup d’etat and the death of president Salvador Allende. Rolando Vergara, representative from the organizing committee that planned all the events for the commemoration, gives a speech about how the Chilean community came together on this project. The director of the Chilean Sports Club, Patricio, also gives a speech about president Salvador Allende and why the tournament has been dedicated to his memory. Domingo Chavez talks the about the importance of the 30th anniversary of the death of Salvador Allende. Tio Lito Azocar interviews the president of Edmonton’s Socialist Party, Jorge Plaza, about the victims of the Chilean dictatorship which followed the death of Salvador Allende. Tio Lito also interviews Cecilia Novela who talks about representing the group Amigas, a society for Latin American women in Edmonton, and taking part in the coordinating committee that planned all the commemorative events. Also featured: a performance by the Victor Jara dance group and footage from the soccer tournament. // Related episode: Raw footage used in episode "Programa Nosotros, 5 de octubre de 2003, Salvador Allende Cup 2003" and "Programa Nosotros [raw footage], 5 de octubre de 2003, Salvador Allende Cup 2003 Extras"
Azocar, Medardo (Tio Lito)
Vergara, Rolando; Plaza, Jorge; Novela, Cecilia; Chilean-Canadians; politics; dictatorship; disappeared; dance; chilenos en Canadá; dictadura; desaparecidos; partido socialista; bailes; fútbol; aniversario; conmemoración; deportes; Club Deportivo de Chile; Chilean Sports Club; Chilean Socialist Party; Agrupación Amigas; Grupo Víctor Jara
Variety; Community
Spanish; English
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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Nosotros Television Programme
University of Alberta Library
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