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Programa Nosotros. Latin American film Festival
1991-01-13 (Creation date: 1990-10-27)
Main contributor
Contreras, Sergio
The first segment of the program is an interview with two Salvadorans in edmonton; Don Pablo Ayala and Alba; who are part of the Community Monseñor Romero. They talk about what their community does and their plans for the future; such as the creation of the Latin American sports federation. They also talk about their goal to unite all of their Latin American compatriots while at the same time including all Canadians as well. The second segment focuses on a documentary from 1982; "Americas en trancisión". This documentary has been nominated for various prestigious awards and was one of the movies showcased at the Latin American Film Festival in Edmonton. The documentary is in english and it focuses on various Latin American countries such es Chile; El Salvador; Guatemala; Nicaragua and Cuba. It shows the social and political crises that is present in these countries. It also talks about the role that the presence of the United States of America plays in this situation. The third and final segment is a showcase of a traditional dance of the region of Veracruz. This dance is performed by the Grupo Andino, a dance troupe from Veracruz. This performance was recorded at the 15th Latin American Festival organized by Lacer in Edmonton.
Contreras, Sergio
Don Pablo Ayala; Alba; Community Monseñor Romero; film; película; "Americas en trancisión"; Chile; El Salvador; Guatemala; Nicaragua; Cuba; Grupo Andino; Veracruz; dance; baile; 15th Latin American Festival; Festival Lacer; Edmonton
Variety; Community; Performance; Interview
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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Edmonton; Alberta
Nosotros Television Programme
University of Alberta Library
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