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Programa Nosotros. Nosotros #6
1993-01-10 (Creation date: 1993-01-10)
Main contributor
Allende, Mario
This episode starts out with a show by Ojos de America called Hilacha that is about the amount of violence that exists in Peru. Hilacha follows the story of a young girl, Hilacha, and her younger brother as they encounter varying levels of violence within their lives - things like stabbings, children commiting robberies, child exploitation, and murder.This segment ends with an explanation by the creator of Hilacha. He discusses his inspirations behind HIlacha and the gender inequality that exists within Peru's society. After this, there is a tutorial about the panpipe which is lead by members of the musical group Sukay. The tutorial shows how to play the instrument and also includes some information about the history of the panpipe. The program ends with the sports segment with Jorge Rodriguez.
Azocar, Lito
Violencia; Violence; Ojos de America; Eyes of America; desigualdad de genero; gender inequality; zampona; panpipe
Variety; Community; Performance
License / Terms of Use
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Edmonton; Alberta
Nosotros Television Programme
University of Alberta Library
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Catalog Key: programa-nosotros-61