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Programa Nosotros. Nosotros #1
1992-10-25 (Creation date: 1992-10-25)
Main contributor
Contreras, Sergio
The show begins by talking about the 500th anniversary of Columbus discovering the New World and the reactions of the indigenous populations to this anniversary. This is done in a documentary called "500 anos despues." In July of 1990, more than 300 representatives from indigenous populations from all across the americas gathered in Quito, Peru for the Primer Encuentro Continental to protest the oppression that the indigenous populations face. The documentary features interviews with many different indigenous representatives which helps to paint a picture of the horrors that these populations have faced since the arrival of europeans. The program also features an interview with Dionicio Barrales and Carlos Pilquil of the Taller Indoamerica at Gabriela Mistral School - they talk about their programs aims to educate youth about the indigenous populations of latinamerica. As well, this episode lightly discusses the significance of and the circumstances surrounding Rigoberta Menchu's 1992 win of the Nobel Peace Prize. The episode ends with a sports segment with Jorge Rodriguez.
Azocar, Lito
Cristobal Colon; Christopher Columbus; Rigoberta Menchu; Quinto centenario; 500th anniversary; luchas de los indigenas; indigenous struggles; premio Nobel de la paz; Nobel Peace Prize; Primer Encuentro Continental de los Pueblos Indios; First Continental Meeting of Indigenous Populations
Variety; Community; Interview
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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Edmonton; Alberta
Nosotros Television Programme
University of Alberta Library
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