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Interview with Connie Sernowski and Nick Husak, 2015-06-11
Main contributors
Kule Chair Endowment; Kononenko, Natalie; Himka, John-Paul; Swyripa, Frances; Himka, Eva
Sernowski, Connie; Husak, Nick
calendar rites, Stritennia; rites of passage, death rites; calendar rites, Candlemas; calendar rites, New Year, Siiaty; calendar rites, Palm Sunday; calendar rites, Easter, ritual meals; calendar rites, New Year, Mumming; calendar rites, Pussy Willow Sunday; rites of passage, weddings; rites of passage, baptism, churching of the mother; church, ceremonial objects; calendar rites, Thanksgiving; rites of passage, weddings, ritual meals; calendar rites, Saints’ days, Sts. Peter and Paul; rites of passage, baptism; rites of passage, funerals, commemorations; rites of passage, weddings, dowry; calendar rites, Christmas, Epiphany; calendar rites, Saints’ days, St. Nicholas; church, congregations, work, agriculture; calendar rites, New Year, Malanka; church, cultural conservation; rites of passage, funerals, ritual meals; rites of passage, weddings, wedding parties; church, congregations, folk beliefs; calendar rites, Presentation of Christ in the temple; calendar rites, Christmas; calendar rites, Ascension; calendar rites, Christmas, Christmas carols; church, laity; calendar rites, Christmas, Yordan
License / Terms of Use
Attribution 4.0 International
Saskatchewan; Norquay, Sacred Heart, Ukrainian Catholic
Sound Sanctuary
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Project funded by Kule Chair Endowment, KIAS (Kule Institute for Advanced Study) Research Cluster grant, Killam Conference grant, SAS (Support for Advancement of Scholarship) fieldwork grant. Subject terms and timestamps created by Natalie Kononenko and research assistants. Volunteers: Keith Bell, University of Saskatchewan; Linda Ivanits and Laszlo Ivanits of Penn State University.

Other Identifier
Other: 150611_0035