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Programa Nosotros. Tupac
1991-01-27 (Creation date: 1991-01-26)
Main contributor
Contreras, Sergio
The first part of the program was an interview with Luis Delire; who was part of the Amnesty International in Edmonton. He spoke about how the group had originated and how it is operated by volunteers. He stated that their focus is to put pressure on the governments that allow abuse to take place in their countries. The country of focus in this interview was Peru. The second part of the program focused on folklore dance; specifically from the Latin American group Tupac. The two directors of the group were interviewed and gave some background information about the dance and the dancers. The last part of the program was a variety of five different dances; all from Tupac; at the Festival Lacer.
Azocar, Lito
Amnesty International; group; volunteer; Luis Delire; government; Peru; human rights; dance; director; festival; Tupac; Latin America; music. Amnistía Internacional; grupo; voluntario; el gobierno; Perú; los derechos humanos; baile; el director; festival; América Latina; música.
Variety; Community; Interview
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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Edmonton; Alberta
Nosotros Television Programme
University of Alberta Library
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Catalog Key: programa-nosotros-40